Monday, December 10, 2007

Life List Day 265 - Get My Ears Pierced

I first got my ears pierced back when I was 13 - this was before the piercing gun, when they just jabbed a pointed earring through your lobe into a cork at the back (which I suppose was better than my aunt who said her ear piercing was with "a needle, a potato and a bottle of bourbon"). About 15 years ago, after dealing with a spate of infections, I let them close up.

Today, I got them pierced again.

I'm not entirely sure what prompted it - maybe those big dangly earrings that are in style right now tempted me (although I'm not allowed to wear anything but posts for 6 months).

Anyway, I went to Claire's, a cheapo jewelry store in the mall where they do it for free when you buy their earring kit for $40. To get through it, I did that thing I do when I'm nervous something will hurt: get it over with fast before fear has a chance to catch up with me.

Unfortunately, they had one girl working the entire store so there were lots of interruptions dragging out the process. Plus, as I arrived a teenaged girl was leaving with her ears freshly pierced...and tears in her eyes.

My son was with me (not willingly...he wanted to go to Fry's Electronics afterwards) so he was good moral support. As it turned out, it was no big deal at all - the dental cleaning I got last week was a whole lot worse. And now I have spiffy holes in my ears.


Livingsword said...

Women have a higher pain threshold than men…they need it for giving birth, ear piercing and being around men….LOL

Jill you are a stronger woman than me :)

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.