Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life List Day 282 - See the Lights in Rochester, MI

Today, my mom and I braved the icy Michigan temperatures (OK, high 30s, but that's bitter cold to a California girl like me) to check out the lights in downtown Rochester, MI, about a 20 minute drive.

It's really cool looking - all the stores are covered solidly in lights (LCD lights - I'm told that it only costs $400 in electricity to light the entire downtown for the month the lights are up).


artistway said...

Happy New Year! I live and teach art in Rochester Michigan. The lights are truly beautiful, especially after a foot of snow has fallen! (like we had on New Years Eve)
Good luck on your hiatus. I have enjoyed reading your blog and I am sure you have inspired many. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I work in downtown Rochester at an Ad agency. Our agency does a Monthly challenge every month and for this month's challenge - the focus is not on design or creative elements but on personal development. People can submit a small paragraph describing how they achieved something from their list. The most inspiring story wins.

I came up with that idea before I found your blog and it's funny that I stumbled across it now.

Let's continue to inspire!


pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?