Friday, December 28, 2007

Life List Day 283 - Virtual Shop

I got a new cellphone for Christmas and - wanting to step out of the era of the dinosaurs in which I typically reside - it actually has a camera in it.

Today, I was at the mall with my mom and thought I'd pick up a belt for my son, who has been looking like a hip-hopper with his sagging jeans since he lost the only belt he had.

I couldn't choose between a couple belts, so - even though usually it takes me confront new technology - I whipped out my phone, played around with it a bit and managed to take a photo of the belts, which I sent to my son so he could choose the one he wanted.

Brilliant, if I do say so myself.


Epoch [z] said...

Entertaining indeed. Congrats and welcome to the tech era :)

~Epoch [z]

pcsolotto said...

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