Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life List Day 11 - Dropped And Gave 'Em 20 (or So)

As part of a group exercise class I take a couple times a week, the instructor leads us in push-ups. During that part, I always leave and get a drink of water. Why? Because I don't DO push-ups. I'm not sure when I decided that - perhaps one day when I looked at my scrawny arms and said, "How are these supposed to push up all this ass?"

Today I did the push-ups. Sure, I did the girlie kind - knees on the floor - but I did them!

It made me wonder, what besides push-ups have I pushed aside?

What things have YOU decided you don't DO that you may want to give a try?


Anonymous said...

I have to force myself to practice parallel parking. Whenever I manage it (especially on the first try), I get ridiculously excited.

pcsolotto said...

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