Saturday, March 31, 2007

Life List Day 13 - Enter the Rodent Races

This is the kind of thing life lists are made for! PetCo today held Hamster Ball Races. I don't have hamsters, but I do have the two cutest guinea pigs who ever squeaked - Joan (right) and Scruffy.

I honestly can't remember being so excited about something in a long time. This is not sarcasm - the idea of rodents racing on a track in plastic balls is as fun as it gets. If I hadn't been doing my life list, I wouldn't have been in PetCo holding a snake, and I wouldn't have found out about the race. See how these things snowball?

The girls gave it their all (they were the only rodents racing in their weight class). The crowd went wild. In the end, Scruffy prevailed, although there were accusations of cheating.

See the video and decide for yourself.


MoJoR said...

Go Scruffy! I wonder if they make balls for big dogs? That could be fun.

pcsolotto said...

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