Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life List Day 7 - Run, Jilly, Run

My usual exercise. Is. Walking. Today for my. Something new I. Decided. I'd run. Thirty minutes. Every inch of me. Hurts.

(But I did it!)


I've made it through one week of my challenge to do something new, fun or scary every day. Even in this short amount of time, I've already had wins and losses.

A Win: Running today, because it made me realize that somewhere along the line I'd stopped pushing myself athletically. Even just a few years ago I was flying through step classes and jogging the treadmill. I didn't even realize it but at some point I told myself I was old - that walking was an exercise more suited to my current stage of life. If I didn't live in sunny California and have a $45 annual renewal to my gym, I'd probably be walking at the MALL, for crying out loud. I'd never have pushed myself to run if I hadn't given myself this challenge. And maybe it's just the endorphins talking, but I plan to keep running every day.

A Loss: Those flowers I bought on Day 2 to face my fear of floral death? Here they were not even 36 hours later:

My friend Shelly says it's like losing a family pet - getting another one can help ease the pain. We'll see. I'm still staring at the crumpled remains poking from my trash. Maybe I need a bit more time to mourn the loss of $17.99.

I'm definitely in need of ideas of things to do for week 2! Got any?


Blue Street Cowboy said...

Jill - I would suggest playing a round of golf, especially if you've never played before. Hitting your first great shot can be quite a rush! And the 19th hole, so-called, is a great place to unwind with friends and golfing partners and whine about, well, whatever, and also catch up on your gossip. And who knows -- you might just be good!

It's also good exercise. Lots of walking. Though, hmm ... maybe you could jog around the course? It's been done; I've seen it.

Best of luck,


pcsolotto said...

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