Thursday, November 1, 2007

Life List Day 225 - Throw a Halloween Party

I've always lived in apartments where I never get any trick-or-treaters. In my new house, I was told I'd get HUNDREDS - so I decided to have friends over to party on my patio while we handed out treats.

It was a blast! We ate, drank and were merry, and I ended up giving out over a thousand pieces of candy. The littlest kids that came while it was still light out around 6:00 were the most fun - my favorite was a girl dressed up as an enchilada.

Unfortunately I have several bags of candy left over...and I have a feeling it's going to keep calling to me until it's gone.

(The photo is of my cousin Jerri and a piratey friend, who took over candy-handing duty after my arm got tired...there were a LOT of kids!)

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