Friday, November 9, 2007

Life List Day 234 - Attend a "Passion Party"

Tonight, my friend Erin was hosting a Passion Party - one of those parties where a bunch of gals get together in someone's home and shop for sex toys, massage oils, etc.

Trust me, if it weren't for this life list, I'd never have gone. There's no man in my life, and I refuse to put myself in a situation where my only boyfriend has batteries.

Still, it was pretty amusing. The woman showing us her product line had her work cut out for her: Bascially, they get you to relax by getting you all liquored up, but there's that fine line between a crowd of ladies that's loosened and one that's unruly. I showed up a little late, and there was already a lot of whooping and laughing going on. The Passion Party Lady (kind of like a Tupperware Lady, only discussing how to make sure you have the "big O" rather than how to burp your lid to keep freshness in) nonetheless managed to keep everyone in line.

I felt compelled to buy SOMETHING (the people who host these things always say you don't have to buy anything, but they don't mean it). I bought a cologne called Pure Instinct, which is basically pheromones and essential oils. I tried a sample of it, and it smelled pretty nice. It's supposed to attract men like crazy.

I don't know about that...but when I stopped on the way back to have a drink with friends while I was picking up my son, a female friend kept saying, "You look so pretty today...doesn't Jill look pretty? And you smell so good. Did you do something to your skin? You're radiant." So much for it attracting MEN.


Livingsword said...



The funniest article of yours I have read!

Before I was a Jesus follower I used to weasel my way into lots of these kinds of parties, lots of “soft targets” (what can I say…obviously I denounce this kind of behavior today), and often it was because of the kind reaction such as that of your female friend.

These days when I read an article headline that says “Passion Party” I am thinking of a different kind of Passion LOL LOL

It seems kind of quiet here Jill I hope you readership isn’t down…have you thought of becoming more engaged with your guests? Not a criticism just a question, I see you use your blog more like a web page than blog and I have no problem with that, obviously since I am a faithful guest.

I could stir things up a bit by comparing the Canadian and US health care systems LOL

Livingsword said...

By the way I noticed there isn’t a photo with this article….thanks :)


LOL on the health care first blog controversy!

Actually, every now and then in this process I go through a phase where I'm not sure I want to continue - it's fun, but it's quite time-consuming... I think I'm in one of those phases right now...not sure how things are going to go from here... we'll see I guess.

Livingsword said...

Hi Jill;

I thought I would hang on not saying anything and see what you were going to do.

It looks like you decided “steady as she goes”.

You have a challenging format in that you not only lead an interesting and active life (keep in mind that you are a “window” into your local culture for people, many will never visit southern California or others like myself like the little reminders of what life is like there) you then go about describing it on a regular basis. Since your life experiences are the center piece of your blog all the pressure is on you and what you do with little coming from outside sources. It’s not like some for example that write a short article about a news item. They are simply responding to something that happened. On your blog you are the news and you comment on yourself, its harder than most appreciate and even more so because you give frequent updates.

Take care and thanks for your blog :)

pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?