Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life List Day 249 - Stand Up to The Man

In this case, The Man is Best Buy.

I don't see any way to not make this a long, boring story, other than to say this:

Best Buy screwed up on installing some speakers, and I actually got them to fix their mistake free - and even discount it. (This is very unlike me. I don't even bargain for price at garage sales.) I did it nicely, but I DID it.

Then - buoyed by my success with the speakers and with encouragement from my friend Mary Jo - when I had to buy a new receiver (it was kind because of a mess-up of Best Buy's, but not entirely), I actually talked them down from $500 to $199.

I swear I think this life list has made me bolder ... not to mention richer.


Faith said...

Go you!!!!

Livingsword said...

More good reasons to keep writing the Life List! Sounds more like standing up to the woman :)

pcsolotto said...

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