Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life List Day 252 - Work out for six hours

I watched the movie Hairspray on DVD, loved it, and was inspired to look up some interviews to get "behind the scenes" news. Truth is, I love watching dancing, and I always wished I could do it (I'm not hopeless...just not any good).

Anyway, in one of the interviews a couple of the actors (including Zac Efron, who I have a serious old-lady crush on) mentioned how they dance trained literally eight hours a day - sometimes longer - to get ready for the movie.

The idea of really pushing myself athletically gave me that nostalgic buzz I get every now and then, so today I put it to work.

I'd planned to work out a full eight hours like they did, as it turns out, I'm not 20 anymore like my crushee Zac Efron (yes, I did look up online to see if he was of legal age, just to see how old-lady creepy I am). I did make it six, breaking it up into several segments. I took a nice long walk down the beach, went for a bike ride, took a spinning class at the gym, did the elliptical, walked on the treadmill, and lifted some weights. When I reached the six hour mark and said to myself, "Two more to go!" my mind said yes, but my weary body said no.

Still, did I feel like a stud, or what?!?

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