Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 181 - After Karaoke Plans Are Thwarted, I Film My Rodents Instead

I went to my friend Janice's block party today, excited because the invitation said there'd be karaoke - which I've never done - so there'd be one for my life list. After all, I don't live on that block - what do I care if I torture them with my singing voice?

Alas, the karaoke guy showed up late and ultimately pimped out. No karaoke. A life list crisis. That's the problem with this doing something new every day: If the thing I had planned falls through, then what?

I got home about 10 PM, trying to figure out some little nugget of joy I could find that might qualify for my list. Then it hit me: when I think "joy," I think of my guinea pigs, Joan and Scruffy. They're cuddly, squeaky, and no one else in this house is ever nearly as excited to see me as they always seem to be.

I've been meaning to film them forever. After all, the life span of a rodent isn't all that long (3-5 years is average). Every now and then when they're not as noisy as usual, I tiptoe over to their cage, dreading that all might not be well. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't document their cuteness.

So tonight, that's what I did.

Here's a little sample:

Joan and Scruffy Star in "Sibling Rivalry"


Livingsword said...

Unbelievable video! How did they do that? The whole time they seem to be eating but at the same time they are doing a commercial, not only can they talk but they can do it with their mouths full!!!

Very cute furry little friends, I encourage you to post more videos of their adventures. Thanks I loved it.

sandra said...

Far out video, man.

Seriously, Jill, if it weren't for my thrill-a-minute parakeets, I'd worry about you.

pcsolotto said...

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