Monday, September 3, 2007

Life List Day 169 - Find My First Grade Teacher and Write Her a Letter

I credit my first grade teacher, Mrs. Greta Lipson of Oxford Elementary School in Berkley, MI, with planting the desire in me to be a writer. It was in first grade that I was invited to represent my class at a Young Author's Conference run by the local university - a big hoo-ha that involved a day off of school, a lot of attention, and free cookies. If it weren't for Mrs. Lipson's enthusiasm, (and those cookies) I wonder if I'd have set on this particular path in life.

Today, I wrote her a letter of thanks, and then tried to find her on the Internet so I could send it to her (along with a copy of my novel).

Amazingly, I found a Greta Lipson almost right away: someone who looks very much like I remembered her looking (40 years ago!), based in Michigan, and author of many books on teaching and getting kids excited about writing and reading.

Hmm. How is it possible that - living in a little suburb of Detroit, MI - I'd stumble across an expert in the field of writing as a primary school teacher? Fate is a funny thing. I wonder if she'd been an expert in the field of medicine if I'd be doing open heart surgery right now instead of writing. I doubt she had any idea the impact she made on me.

Anyway, a book - and a heart-felt note of thanks - are on their way to her.


rebekkab said...

As a 3rd grade teacher, I can appreciate what you have done. I am still in contact with many of the teachers I had over the years. In fact, my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Carter and I, are still in regular contact.

Thank you from a teacher for letting the profession know what an impact it had on you. I just pray that someday, I will have that impact on a student.

I would like to know where I can get her books. Could you post a link or something please?


Oh, good idea! I just now put a link in the text, but in addition here it is:

pcsolotto said...

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