Saturday, September 29, 2007

Life List Day 194 - Go to a Fundraising Car Wash

My son's football team and cheer squad held a car wash today to raise funds. Pathetic as this sounds, I paid for my wash but almost didn't do it because it sort of creeped me out. Basically, you had to drive your car along a path filled with kids who at different points soaped, rinsed, squeegied and dried it. I didn't like the idea of all these people mobbing my car while I was alone on the inside.

I did it anyway and, as it turned out, it WAS a little odd - like being attacked by locusts, only in Quicksilver tshirts.

But it was also very cute, all that teenagery industriousness... and worth the five bucks alone just to see my son toiling without it being me who told him to.

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