Saturday, September 8, 2007

Life List Day 174 - Try an Open House Again

Earlier in my life list experiment, I decided to check out an open house - only to walk away from what I thought would be some fun snooping feeling depressed that homes are so pricey in California.

Today, I decided to visit an open house again.

This time: a new 2 1/2 million dollar "Tuscan Villa" two houses down from where I'm currently renting. 3,000 square feet. Four levels. Elevator.

I told the realtor, "Just being nosey!" when I walked in so he didn't get his hopes up (although everything I was wearing was from Target, so I'm not sure I was exactly exuding that millionaire vibe).

This time, instead of being deflated, I kept thinking about how - even though it's smaller and about a hundred years older - I much prefer where I'm living to this place.

It's a first for me - loving where I live. Sure, I'm only renting so it's not forever.

But then again, what is?

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