Thursday, September 6, 2007

Life List Day 172 - Stop and Smell the Roses

Today - a day when I had a backlog of writing to catch up on, my writing group coming over, my son's first football game, and a list a mile long of errands to complete - I made it a point to stop and smell the roses...literally.

They're in my front yard. The people before me planted them, and they're opening up quite spectacularly.

I wasn't really expecting them to smell like much (the ones from the market never do), so color me delighted when, in fact, they smelled strongly of...of...roses, by golly! It's a fragrance I only recalled upon encountering it - kind of like how the taste of a garden tomato can take you by surprise if you've been subsisting on the store-bought kind.

All in all, about 10 seconds of pleasure...and in such a crazy busy day, that's 10 seconds more than I would have had otherwise.


Paper Fan Club said...

I had no ideas that roses bloomed in September. Very cool.

pcsolotto said...

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