Monday, September 17, 2007

Life List Day 183 - Indulge My Son's Idea to Make a Calvin & Hobbes Quiz

Somehow Danny and I got in contest quizzing each other about Calvin and Hobbes trivia (best comic strip EVER!!), when he said, "Hey, you should put a quiz in your blog." Because I'm starved for any scrap of interest my son shows in me, I took him up on his idea. (I'm not sure how "life listy" this is, but we had fun making it, so as far as I'm concerned, it counts!)

Calvin and Hobbes Quiz
By Jill & Danny

1. In the first Calvin & Hobbes strip, what does Calvin use to lure Hobbes into his net?
2. What’s Susie’s last name?
3. When Calvin plays with a box, it has different functions based on where its opening is – what’s the function for the box when it’s open to the bottom, to the top and to the side?
4. What’s Calvin’s favorite game, in which the only rule is that you can never play the same way twice?
5. What does Calvin’s club name GROSS stand for?
6. What’s Calvin’s teacher’s name?
7. When Calvin puts on a cape, what’s the name of the superhero he becomes?
8. Who wrote Calvin & Hobbes?
9. What’s Calvin’s favorite bedtime book?
10. What did Calvin save up cereal boxtops for and wait for with great anticipation?
11. What’s Calvin’s favorite cereal?
12. What is the noodle incident?
13. Calvin finds an injured animal that eventually dies – what kind of animal was it?
14. How old is Calvin?
15. According to one of the Calvin and Hobbes book titles, what is the noise that scientific progress makes?
16. What name does school bully Moe sometimes call Calvin?
17. The strip ended in 1995- what were the last three words Calvin spoke?


1. A tuna fish sandwich
2. Derkins
2. Bottom is transmorgrifier, top is time machine and side is duplicator
4. Calvinball
5. Get Rid Of Slimy girlS
6. Miss Wormwood
7. Stupendous Man
8. Bill Watterson
9. Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie
10. A propeller beanie
11. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
12. It’s only alluded to but it’s never explained
13. A raccoon
14. Six
15. Boink
16. Twinkie
17. “Let’s go exploring”


Vaedri said...

Woo hoo! Almost all right! Thanks for the quiz - it was a lot of fun. I love Calvin and Hobbes.

pcsolotto said...

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