Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life List Day 199 - Buy Impromptu Concert Tickets

My friend, Erin, just sent an email saying that tickets were released for the Eagles/Dixie Chicks concert coming up at the Nokia theater.

Without letting myself consider any of the logistical problems (it's a school night, I don't have a "date," what if Erin typed in the day wrong on her email & I buy tickets for a different night?) I immediately logged onto Ticketmaster and bought two tickets to the concert. I can honestly say, I've never before bought concert tickets within minutes of hearing about it.

I love live music, but the hassle/expense of going to a concert usually drives me away. (And, hello!?! $13.50 per ticket for processing fees!! What kind of racket is that?!??!) Plus parking, crowds, traffic, etc. There are few bands I'd really want to go through all that for ...but I happen to love me some Chicks and some Eagles.

It got me to thinking about concerts...

Best I've been to: Prince
Surprisingly enjoyable: Tom Jones
Best multible bill: X with Social Distortion and Jane's Addiction
Concert I enjoyed the most that I never really listenened to their music before: Metallica
Worst: ELO was on a double-bill with Heart... Heart was awesome, ELO was a real yawner
Artist I wished I'd seen before he died: Israel Kamakawiwo`ole

(Oh, and I realize tomorrow is Day 200!)


Lapa said...
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Livingsword said...

Hi Jill;

Have at the concert it should be great!

My fave concerts:

U2 (all of them are fantastic, worth a thousand a show)
The Police (Ghost in the Machine tour, $12 in ’82 front row!)
The Soweto Gospel Choir (unbelievable)
The Who (last year)
Eurythmics (Expo 86 in Vancouver, only 4000 seats in the building, incredible)
David Bowie (3 times in the 80’s terrific)

Hmmm I’m looking old….

Parking here is now around $20-22 for an event like these!

JacquiBee said...

OK, I went to that ELO/Heart concert (if it was the one at the Silverdome in the 70's). It was actually a triple (T-Rex opened the show). And you're right, Heart was good, but ELO wasn't as good as they had been in the past. Later, they got sued for lip-syncing...Anyway, I'm so happy I found your blog. I'm going to the bookstore today to buy your latest novel. It's great to see a friend from HS do well.

pcsolotto said...

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