Friday, October 5, 2007

Life List Day 200 - Two Things I "Hate"

First off: Day 200...woo hoo!!

Anyway, one of the challenges I gave myself when starting this list was to make myself do things even though I think I don't like them. I'm looking for that Green Eggs & Ham Effect: those things I THINK I hate but really haven't given enough of a chance.

Today, I did something that forced me to face two things I don't like: musicals and The Beatles.

My mom was in town, and she DOES like both those things, so I went with her to see the movie Across the Universe, a musical featuring only the music of The Beatles.

I went in trying to have as open a mind as possible, and it was a perfectly enjoyable two hours.

I liked the varying arrangements on The Beatles's songs - it made me appreciate the tune and the lyrics more when I wasn't hearing every song the exact same way I have a thousand times. There was actually a story, and visually it was a delight (althoughI could have skipped the "welcome to my acid trip" scenes). Add to that cameos by Bono, Joe Cocker and Eddie Izzard and it was quite a romp.

Plus Jim Sturgess who played Jude (yes, the characters all had significant names like Max, Prudence and of course Lucy) was, let's just say, quite easy on the eyes.


Livingsword said...

Hi Jill;

Did you say Bono? What did he say/play/sing/etc?

kmkat said...

Bono? And Eddie Izzard? And Beatles music? Wowza.


Bono did I Am the Walrus - he was in the trippy part so I'm not sure exactly what his character was supposed to be.

pcsolotto said...

Whoever owns this blog, I would like to say that he has a great idea of choosing a topic.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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