Friday, October 12, 2007

Life List Day 206 - Drunken Cherries

Today, I tried "drunken cherries" - maraschino cherries soaked in booze for three months. And when I say booze, I mean grain alcohol (which seems scandalous to me...I've heard horror stories about people ODing on it since it's 95% alcohol vs. 40% in most liquor).

It was kind of like cherry roulette: The ones that weren't too booze-soaked were yummy; the ones that had absorbed a lot were not unlike getting novacaine. (We decided it had to do with the quality of cherries. The better the cherries, the more they absorbed.)

I might just make some of my own.

The recipe:

jar maraschino cherries
grain alcohol (Everclear)
strawberry or other fruit-flavored liquour

1. Dump liquid out of cherry jar.
2. Fill with mix of 50% grain alcohol and 50% liquour (or 75%/25% if you really want them to kick butt)
3. Seal and let sit for 3 months.



sandra said...

+ you get some fiber.

soleil said...

those sound really good! going to have to try some. ;)

JacquiBee said...

Around here, these are called Moonshine Cherries, because they are made with Moonshine instead of Everclear. I tried a cherry one time while on vacation in Tennessee. I'll never do that again. .

pcsolotto said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Anonymous said...

Moonshine cherries ROCK! Get you some real mountain moonshine (the good stuff, not strained through an old car radiator), soak the cherries at least 2 months, and hang on! Plus, the moonshine you used to soak 'em in is then cherry flavored! You buy a quart of shine, use maybe 1/4 of it on the cherries, sip the rest. Mountain life rules...

And OMG, try it with fresh blackberries or (if you can get 'em) muscadines!