Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life List Day 204 - Go to a Dive Bar With My Dad

For probably 15 years now I've been meaning to check out a local dive bar called The Mermaid - one of those places that opens to thirsty patrons at 7 a.m.

Today, my dad and I went there to have a beer.

It wasn't as divey as I'd expected it would be. As far as the other clientele: If I'm ever looking to meet a guy in his mid-fifties with a scruffy beard, no job and a possible drinking problem, I now know where to find a whole bunch of them to choose from.


Getty72 said...

Mmmmmm, sounds interesting.

You should visit England and experience our wonderful country pubs. You will find that they are a little more comfortable. Plus the clientele is generally slightly more appealing (well, I have to say

Livingsword said...


I’m with Getty72 much better to go to a great English pub or one in Germany for that matter. I will take English, Irish or German beer over anything on this side of the big water.

Favorite beer is….

pcsolotto said...

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