Monday, October 15, 2007

Life List Day 209 - Roast a Chocolate Marshmallow

I was at the grocery store today filling my cart with nutritous items after a weekend of wild-abandon eating, when I came across these:

Chocolate marshmallows!!

Of course, I bought them - put them on the top shelf of the cart cuddled up to all my vegetables so they wouldn't get squished.

Then for dessert - too lazy to make a fire - I stuck one on a fork and roasted it on the gas stovetop.

Not bad!

It would never work as a substitute for the chocolate in a s'more - not chocolatey enough. I was trying to place the flavor myself when, upon giving one to my son, he said, "Mmm, Cocoa Puffs."

Only, of course, ooey gooier.

(BTW, I did a bit of poking about online and apparently these are new & not available everywhere yet, so if you see them, I say grab 'em.)


Livingsword said...

They just don’t seem right…the cocoa content must be 1%, give me Ritter Sport or Lintz any day!

pcsolotto said...

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