Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life List Day 243 - Brunch at the Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills

Today, I had brunch at the Hotel Bel Air in Beverly Hills, which I've never done before. The hotel is quite iconic and old-school Beverly Hills.

I'm not a ladies-who-brunch type of person - it's an awful long time to sit and eat - but I was delightfully surprised at just how long I COULD sit and eat. If there's an Olympic event for sitting and eating, perhaps I could qualify.

All in all, it was LOVELY.

Oh, and happy 50th birthday ------- (name withheld to protect the elderly).


Livingsword said...

The image almost doesn’t look real….Like something from Disney (hmmm I’m sure somehow I just broke copywrite law by saying that). Doesn’t look like they serve Szechuan or Thie food?

pcsolotto said...

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