Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Life List Day 106 - Walk in the Sand Vs. the Strand

Whenever I go for a walk at the beach, I always walk along The Strand - the paved walkway that runs along the ocean, rather than the sand itself.

Today, I went the extra few yards to walk along the edge of the water.

I was amazed, 1) how different it felt looking at the water rather than houses, and 2) how much harder it was to walk on the sand vs. pavement (my calves may not speak to me tomorrow).

The bonus: getting to see a herd (gaggle? bunch?) of dolphin, which I'd never have spotted from The Strand.


soleil said...

i always avoid the pavement whenever i have the rare opportunity to visit a beach. i love walking along the part that the tide washes over. it's fun to make prints and one can find interesting sea debris and it feels good when the waves wash over the ankles.

kmkat said...

Bunch of dolphins = a pod.

And what a cool thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, Your long-lost friend, L from Santa Monica here, making sure someone straightened you out on the whole marine mammals and pod thing. I must also tell you how very proud I am that you placed your feet in the sand instead of on the cement. "Look, Nature!" Ahhhh!

pcsolotto said...

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