Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life List Day 125 - Go to the Whale & Ale

My friend, Irina, and I get together every now and then - we always hit one of a handful of nearby bars.

Today, seeking a change of pace, we left our neighborhood to go to the Whale & Ale, a British pub in San Pedro rumored to be lively and fairly authentic.

It did not deliver on the lively - it was pretty much Irina and me. As far as the authentic, I figured I couldn't be sure unless I had the fish & chips...which I did. Sure, it's a lot of grease & calories, but I was sacrificing for the sake of the life list. I don't know if it was authentic, but it sure was good.


kmkat said...

Bravo for you for making that fat and calorie sacrifice. Nothing is too much for your blog readers. We thanks you ;-)

pcsolotto said...

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