Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life List Day 128 - Play Hardball...Figuratively Speaking

I hadn't realized that I'd been being double-billed for my DSL service for a year. When I called to fix it and get a credit, the customer service person said they only credit for three months. In other words, I was out more than $300 for their error. (Sure, I should have caught it, but if they hadn't made an error, I wouldn't have had to catch it).

Anyway, today, I went to transfer phone service, and - in a move very unlike me - I told them not to transfer DSL. I was going with a new provider because I was unhappy about how they ripped me off. (The part where this is unlike me is that the "old" me...the me not doing a life list...might have switched providers, but would never have TOLD them).

Lo and behold, suddenly they COULD do something about it!

Credit issued.

Lesson learned: Sometimes a threat works.


rebekkab said...

Good for you!

I don't know if I would have done that. I tend to be a doormat when it comes to standing up for myself.

Continue that new attitude!

Getty72 said...

Great move Jill!! And doesn't it make you feel good! This is a lesson that I too need to learn. I am, unfortunately, the stereotypical "stiff-upper-lipped" Englishman who tends not to complain or kick up a fuss about anything and usually ends up apologising on other peoples behalf.

Best wishes as always ~ Graham

kmkat said...

Good job, you!

pcsolotto said...

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