Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life List Day 129 - Put Color in My Life

I've had white walls my entire adult life. I've always lived in rentals or - the few years I owned a house - I guess I was just into white.

Today, I decided I deserved some color in my life. Getting ready to move into a beach cottage, I asked if I could paint. My landlady said, "Have at it."

My friend, MJ, helped me pick a color. It literally took us hours. We just sat in there, looking at the walls, trying to decide what colors would bring the best feeling.

The winner: Sea green. (Well, actually, it's called "grasshopper," but I prefer the idea of being surrounded by the sea than by a bunch of grasshoppers.)

It's funny how a little thing like color can make a person feel so bold!


kmkat said...

Another excellent decision in your life-list quest. Will all the walls be that color? or will you mix it up -- blue in the bedroom, red in the bath, purple in the kitchen, etc.

soleil said...

"it's funny how a little thing like color can make a person feel so bold."

that's the truth. when i moved into my flat two years ago i was told that we are allowed to paint. so i decided to paint my main wall wine red and the smaller opposite wall. the connecting wall is full of windows with large, dark chocolate brown trim and sills so the effect is quite nice.

Paper Fan Club said...

How true is that!! We just painted my son's room red (originally against my better judgement) and it looks incredible. He loves it as do we.
No doubt this color theory spills over into other areas. Wearing red, pink, orange or something other equally vibrant always makes me feel livelier and happier than choosing grey or black.

pcsolotto said...

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