Monday, July 9, 2007

Life List Day 112 - One Can Closer to Kicking the Habit

I'm trying to kick the Diet Coke habit.

After all, here I am: eating organic veggies, free range chicken, natural eggs... and washing it down with a big can of chemicals. I used to drink it by the gallon (or by the 2-liter anyway). I've weaned myself down to three 12-oz cans a day (starting with the one I crack first thing in the morning...mmmmm).

Today, in honor of my life list, I cut one of them, and vowed that I'd keep it up. I'm going to try to limit myself to two a day. Instead, I'll treat myself to a Perrier or one of those cool new waters, like the Metromint water I recently discovered.

(Got that Aunt Marcy?!? Are you happy?! You can stop sending me those links to web sites about the evils of Nutrasweet now, OK?!!)

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