Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life List Day 118 - Take a Step Toward My Dream Beach House

The #1 item on my life list "top 5" is to live on the beach — ideally on a walkstreet (which has all the ambiance of the beach, without the craziness).

Today, I made a HUGE step in that direction, putting in an application to rent an absolutely adorable little house.

I thought it'd be a long time before I'd be able to cross off my top item, but I saw it for rent, and I just knew I had to try to get it. It's more than I want to pay. I'd have to move (again). It's completely crazy and impractical and I hope, hope, hope I get it.

Fingers crossed ... !


rebekkab said...


Sorry, that was from yesterday! Wrong day! :)

It must be nice to see something other than flat Kansas and fields of wheat, corn and soybeans for miles. I have skyscrapers out here. They are called silos.

I hope that everyone that lives anywhere near some water takes advantage of the situation.

If you are ever in Southwest KS during the spring and summer, you'll get to see how entertaining it can be *sarcasm*

On a different note, the local library has Flip-Flopped and The Next Thing on My List. I may live in a town of 1700 people but the ladies here sure know great authors! Flip-Flopped is on hold for me right now, there are 3 people ahead of me.

I hope you get your beach house. I'm sure the teen in your life will love that and the chicks will dig him :)

soleil said...

congratulations! that's one of my dreams for the very distant future is to someday live on the beach. ideally with trees behind me and beach in front but i'm not sure if that landscape actually exists anywhere.

Faith said...

Bonne chance!! I'm hooping like mad that you get your beach house!

Amanda said...

But won't you miss your crazy guitar playing neighbor from Day 75? If you do move, which I hope you do, you must go ask your neighbor why he plays his guitar on the street. Promise? Challenge.....

pcsolotto said...

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