Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life List Day 94 - Write Down 5 Things I Want Do in 10 Years

My friend, Monica, is hosting a book club meeting with my book, The Next Thing on My List, and she's asked us all to bring a list of five things we want to do within the next 10 years.

Oddly enough, even though I wrote a novel about a woman doing a life list, I don't have one of my own.

So here's my top 5:

1. Live on the beach (in a house, not literally ON the beach)
2. Walk the red carpet at a movie premiere based on one of my novels
3. Have a closet full of clothes that actually FIT me
4. Volunteer my time regularly to something I care about
5. Oh, what the heck: Be in love

What's your top five?


Max said...

My top 5:

1. Have kids
2. Be a cool parent
3. Attend a Rio Carnival, and dance samba
4. Take a History of Art course
5. Visit Japan
I wish you do get the chance to walk on that red carpet ;)


rebekkab said...

1. Teach at least one child something. I'm a teacher and every teachers fear is that children will not learn anything.
2. Find that special someone
3. Have kids
4. Take a REAL vacation
5. Become a COMPLETELY independent woman

Hannah said...

1.Own a house in Tuscany
2.My number two is just like yours but I want it to be a movie I am in or that I have written.
3.Pay off all of my debt
4.Be fluent in another language.
5.learn to swing dance

P.S. I hear you about the clothes thing. I am still holding onto a pair of pants I bought in Europe that used to hang on me but now are too tight. That's an honorable mention goal get back into those pants. :)

P.P.S. I really enjoy your bolg btw.

Caitlin said...

1. Learn how to use oil paints
2. Live in a foreign country
3. Become financially independent from my parents
4. Learn to refurbish old furniture
5. Get a drivers license (I'm 24, by the way.)

The Dude said...

1. Beat everyone at google adsense
2. Drink more
3. Find new and amusing blog friends
4. Beat everyone at google adsense
5. Buy a domain

that's the dudes list

someGirl said...

Within 10 years, huh?
5. Fulfilling childhood dream #1: going on a archaeological dig.
4. Childhood dream #2: Learn how to fly a plane...and not vomit.
3. Help my daughter pack her things for college (she's 7, never too early to plan!)
2. Finally have control over my self-doubt about writing and send it back to the fiery depths from whence it came...
1. Have no regrets at the 10 year mark

Getty72 said...

Okay, so my 10 year list...Mmmmm

1.As I have just turned 35, I guess it would be to retire;
2.Visit the city in the sky of 'Machu Picchu';
3.Move to a thatched roofed cottage in the depths of the countryside;
4.Improve my culinary skills;
5.Yep, fall in love.....(always sounds like an impossible feat when one is single).

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.

Anonymous said...

I just accidently found your sight, and am currently in the process of reading The Next Thing on My List (Great by the way) top 5 List

1. Live in a blue and white house with a wrap around porch that faces a beautiful garden to the East and a view of the Pacific to the West (preferably beach front property)
2. Learn to surf
3. Write a book ( a love story of sorts) and have it published
4. Grow old with my husband and watch our child live happy and healthy lives.
5. Get my PhD in Literature.