Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life List Day 87 - Pull Out the Ol' Clarinet

I played clarinet for eight years and was in my high school marching band and orchestra. (Yes, I was also in yearbook, student government and national honor society... what's your point?) Anyway, even though it was so much a part of my life, after graduation, I put my clarinet away and never gave it a thought again. It's not like I had any great musical talent or passion. I only ever practiced so I could kick Rob Stevens's ass when he tried to challenge me for my chair.

Today, I pulled out my clarinet. I had to go buy reeds before I could play it, and I'm here to say: It's nothing like riding a bike. I couldn't remember a thing. The sheet music I'd found in my case may as well have been written in Russian. (Maybe it was - it was Shostakovich.)

I managed to honk out a scale - and was feeling pretty lousy that that was all I could do - when my 15-year-old son came charging into my room and exclaimed, "Hey! You can play!" And not even sarcastically.

My confidence thus bouyed, I wowed him with Mary Had a Little Lamb (which I can also plink out on a piano) ... all in all, a fun little trip down a musical memory lane. I can't see me taking lessons or anything, but if it astounded my son this much, just imagine how it'll go over at parties.


someGirl said...

I love you blog. We've all bought into the idea that changes and experiences have to be monumental in order to be significant, that we forget how momentous it is to pick up a clarinet. Have a great day.

Karen said...

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Livingsword said...

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Lenus said...

Quite interesting that you play clarinet. I too was in our school band playing side drums.

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Mike M said...

Music is the real window of the soul!!

I love blog. I will be back for more!


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