Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life List Day 92 - Play the Lottery

I'm always saying how I'd love to win the lottery - but I never actually buy a ticket, which I think really stands in the way of the likelihood that I'll win.

Today, I went to my local 7-11 & bought a scratcher lottery ticket and two Super Lotto tickets (one "Quikpik" and one where I played my roulette numbers, including lucky numbers 11, 12 and 27).

The scratcher, as it turned out, was a bust.

The Super Lotto I won't know about until tomorrow (so if there's a headline that begins Woo - hoo!, you'll know).

I know the odds are, like, a billion to one, but that's better than if I hadn't bought a ticket at all. All in all, a fair amount of entertainment for three bucks.


Jenae said...

My Mom always said, "Someone has to win, why can't it be you?"

Colorfulpen said...

We haven't played in years. My husband always says, "If I won the lottery, I'd--" I tell him, "You have to actually play to win." He says that's beside the point. That is the point! :)

pcsolotto said...

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