Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life List Day 100 - Pause & Reflect About 100 Days of Tiny Adventures

Today is the 100th day since I started my life list where I do something new, fun or challenging every day.

So far, it's been an amazing experience. Most of the things I've done haven't been big - holding a snake, eating a new fruit, trying new restaurants, pulling out my old clarinet, rediscovering jogging, enjoying a drive through the Jacaranda trees - yet it's added up to a sense of fun in my life that I realize had been missing. Every day, there's a part of me that's more awake than ever before & wondering...what will I do today? What sense of joy will I find along the way?

Some days I plan (I looked forward to taking my guinea pigs racing for days). Most I play by ear.

I can't wait for the next 100 days!

Any suggestions for what I might want to try?


Max said...

Hello Jill! Have you ever planned a trip to Africa? Well, maybe you've been there before, don't know...but if you haven't maybe you should, and then write about it! If you have, we would like to know your experience with the locals, with their food, their cloths...
It's just an be different!

Faith said...

Have you ever auditioned for a play? Ever gone skinny-dipping? Ever gone singing in the rain?

Whatever you decide to do, I'll enjoy reading about your experiences.

soleil said...

how about reading a poem at open mic night? or cooking something you have always been intimidated by (for me it's indian food and baking). or driving to a nearby town and exploring it as you would little villages in a foreign country. have you ever taken your son to a batting cage?
i'm with faith, whatever you do i will enjoy reading about it too. i am really glad i discovered your blog. it's inspiring.

AMPlifier said...

take bellydancing! eat mangoes naked! go to your hairdresser and say, "Surprise me!"

Anonymous said...
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Colorfulpen said...

I like the bellydancing idea. Salsa lessons is actually #11 on my life list. So, yeah, learning a new form of dance would be good. What about taking a hot air balloon ride? Good luck!

Mike M said...

You are going along at a pretty good clip. Just keep doing what makes you happy and that will keep us readers coming back for more.


Hey guys, thanks for the ideas!

Caitlin said...

Have you gone skydiving? It's not nearly as scary as it sounds... it's actually amazingly cool. But, if that's too crazy, try going an entire day without electricity, hosting a new england style clam bake in your backyard, or eating some sort of wild game you've never tried before.

PS: The day I went skydiving, I also ate possum meat. It was one of those days...

rebekkab said...

My suggestions aren't all that exciting but I think the ideas could be life changing if given a chance.

1. Adopt a grandparent
2. Volunteer at a school
3. Become a Girl Scout Troop Leader

These aren't life changing but fun
4. dance around naked in the living room
5. Host a Slumber Party (not a sleep over) I'm a distributor and they are a blast. Message me and I'll let you know about them.
6. Play Bingo at the senior center
7. Find the candy that you loved as a little girl that is no longer sold in stores and buy a case.
8. Learn to play the guitar
9. Buy falsies and wear them out all day, what kind of looks do you get?
10. Take the Random Memories that you have written down and write a children's picture book and dedicate it to your son.

pcsolotto said...

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