Monday, June 4, 2007

Life List Day 78 - Call in to a Book Club

On my web site at, I offer to call in to reading groups that choose THE NEXT THING ON MY LIST as their book selection. Tonight, I talked via speakerphone to a lively bunch of ladies from from Spring Haven, Michigan. (Hollah!) I had a great's alway fun to get to meet readers, even if it is from 2,500 miles away.


Getty72 said...

Hello Jill,

I've just chanced upon your blog and have read with great interest and wonder - Well, you've already reached LLD#78, Fantastic!!

After procrastinating for the past few weeks - it sounds like the tonic and philosophy that I have been looking for.

Thank you as your blog and posts have been inspirational.

Please feel welcome to visit my blog at

Kindest regards

pcsolotto said...

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