Saturday, June 9, 2007

Life List Day 83 - Go to a Performance of the California Theatrical Youth Ballet

I went because my cousin, Danica, had a solo in a pre-show to the ballet (that's her in the photo...she's a cutie!).

I managed to nab a seat in the front row, and the theater was so small, I literally pulled in my feet a few times for fear I'd trip a dancer.

Seeing professional dancers do their thing is always lovely - but seeing a not-quite-pro show like this was downright fascinating. Not yet to the point where they knew how to put on a disguise of effortlessness, there was no missing how HARD these dancers were working. They sweated. They strained to control their breathing. They made noise when their feet hit the floor. (Kind of like what I do walking up the stairs these days.)

Anyway, with some of the illusion stripped away, it was a reminder to me of both the physical limitations and the amazing capacity of the human body... of the effort it takes to really keep these things we call our bodies humming.

That said, I think I'll go the gym now.

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