Friday, June 29, 2007

Life List Day 102 - Finally Cook the Asparagus

I don't know what it is about asparagus that makes me buy it again and again - and never get around to cooking it. I'm sure it somehow goes back to my childhood. I'm playing out some sort of neglect issues.

Yesterday I bought asparagus.

And today, ladies and gentlemen, I cooked it.

I steamed it until crispy tender. The entire process took about two minutes - which was good because I'm working against a deadline and two minutes is about all I had for my life list today.

(But when I have a little more time, I intend to try one of the recipes at - thanks for passing that along, Caitlin!)


Getty72 said...

Hello Jill! Congratulations on passing the 100 days milestone - wow! What an amazing achievement. I'm also glad that you are continuing...your blog has inspired me, and no doubt many others, to get off my rear end and do something - admittedly not a new thing every day, but still something. I wish you the very best of success, I will be sure to continue to pop in to keep up with your amazing activities. Oh, and one more thing, congrats with cooking the Asparagus...I so much love the taste of steamed Asparagus. You should try drizzling a very small amount of olive oil and balsanic vinegar over it before serving - it works a treat!!! Kindest regards as always ~ Graham

Anonymous said...

Jill, i love asparagus and i can't believe you've never cooked them before... you've eaten them before though right? Anyway, my mum makes an amazing dish with them, 2 small chicken breasts cooked till they are tender with asparagus layered between the two and a creamy sauce poured on top!! OMG its amazing!

Hey - here's an idea for a new thing to do.. how about start up a yahoo group for your book so fellow writers can chat all about life lists and things they love???

Or you could just join one?? That might be new to you too??

Hope this has helped

Faith said...

They're also good tossed with a little olive oil and sea salt, and then roasted. Or grilled. Yummmm!

pcsolotto said...

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