Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life List Day 88 - Try for Myself "The Best Fries in L.A."

Los Angeles Weekly dubbed Skooby's french fries the best in L.A. - extra exciting since there's actually a Skooby's near me in Hermosa Beach, right on Pacific Coast Highway. I pass it all the time and think, "I ought to try those fries." Today, I finally got around it. I didn't have a lot of hope. A fry is a fry, I figured (I was intrigued mostly because the Weekly never includes anything near me in its "best of" list.)

So I tried the fries...and nearly wept from joy.

They really ARE the best fries in L.A.! Quite possibly the world!

The reviewer described them as "a mix of strips and chips, twice-fried in peanut oil until sienna-brown, crisp but still soft inside, and tossed with salt and special seasoning. The little serving of 'gourmet dipping sauce' (garlic-and-roasted-red-pepper mayonnaise) pushes the good-grease level off the charts."

Yeah. What he said.


J.L. Murphey said...

Gourmet dipping sauce of garlic, roasted red pepper mayonaise. Sounds YUMMY! Am going to have to play with that type recipe. :)

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.