Sunday, June 10, 2007

Life List Day 84 - My Own Personal Watermelon!

How did I miss this? How did I not know about the evolutionary miracle that is the personal watermelon? I didn't think science could improve upon going seedless, but I was at the grocery store and saw a watermelon that could fit in my hand and - more importantly - in my refrigerator. I bought one for me and one for Danny. No need to share!

As if that weren't exciting enough, I googled "personal watermelon" only to find out this fun tidbit that I offer to you today in honor of my life list: In Japan, they grow watermelons in various shapes.

Like this:

And this:


someGirl said...

Wonderful site! Genious idea. Kudos. I will definitely drop in too see how you are doing on your list. I'm a blogger virgin, I'm happy I'm finding great sites from which to learn from...WATERMELONS! No summer is complete without them.
PS. Found your site via Getty72/One Mans Travel Blog. Glad I did.

Karen said...

Love the pictures !!

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Arrowman said...

I happen to know how to grow watermelon square. When its young, put it in the hole in a cinderblock, then you got yourself one square watermelon!

Janice said...

I cannot believe you condone this blatant abuse of the watermelon to gratify your base culinary and aethetic urges. Would you bind your daughter's feet? Would you reject a mate because he had a big round belly with a yellow spot on the underside?

Would you? Would you?

vagabondtramp said...

that's really cool! i want one of those square watermelons :)

pcsolotto said...

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