Monday, April 2, 2007

Life List Day 15 - Record a Podcast

A month ago I didn't even KNOW what a podcast was. Today, I recorded one - interview style for a show called Fascinating Authors. It fits into my life list challenge under the category of "scary." I know I'm an author...but fascinating? Couldn't my first podcast interview have been for the Mildly Amusing After a Couple Drinks show? Or the Don't Mind the Midwest Accent, You'll Get Used to It show?

The experience wasn't so bad - it was simply a phone interview. The show's host, Penny Sansevieri, was willing to laugh at anything I said, God love her. Maybe I should hire her to hang around the house when my son is being surly. We could be like a sitcom:

Me: "Hey, Danny, how was school?"
Danny: "Hmmph. Grunt."
Penny: "Hahahahahaha."

As for the podcast, I talk about my new novel, THE NEXT THING ON MY LIST, which comes out in a week (!) and also about this life list I'm doing.

It will be available for download in a few days on iTunes - a place I can honestly say I never thought I'd be.

Now I'm curious about the whole idea of podcasts. My friend, Mary Jo, says she listens to them all the time, including one from Grammar Girl.

Anybody else have favorite podcasts? (I mean BESIDES mine.)


David Stoddard said...

Hi Jill.

Congrats on the podcast. I've never been a part of one, and haven't really understood what they are either. But they say (and who knows who "they" are) it is the modern way of getting the word out.

I put together a short video on You Tube, and thought that was just the most modern thing to do. Boy how time and technology move along.

Also, congrats on the upcoming book.


Anonymous said...

A few of my favorite podcasts are Hometown Tales, Wreckless Media Radio, and Switched On. As you can see i'm a fan of the comedy/interesting shows.

pcsolotto said...

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