Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Life List Day 16 - I Cast My American Idol Vote

I did it! After years of faithfully watching American Idol, tonight I became a part of the process. I voted - for an hour straight. It was kind of thrilling: I wish I could have done the same in the last presidential election.

And who inspired me to risk carpal tunnel in my dialing finger?

Noneother than Sanjaya.

I can't help it. He taps in to my inner 11-year old girl. I loved him from the moment they showed his audition, and he modestly said his sister was the better singer. Plus - and I've been to plenty of karaoke so I know these things - the boy actually can sing. And that smile!

But the top reason he moved me to vote: he's the most entertaining thing going on that show. I'm on the edge of my couch every week. What will his hair look like? What unbelievably inappropriate song will he choose? (although he'd be hardpressed to find something odder for a 17-year-old boy to sing than Gwen Stefani's "Bathwater" that he rocked the house with last week). What will Simon say?

If I thought Sanjaya's being there was pushing aside someone more deserving, I wouldn't have voted. But there isn't one of them I can see putting out a CD I'd actually buy. I think the judges misfired on who they selected for the top 24 - but like Pavlov's dog, I'm programmed to sit in front of the TV every Tuesday night.

While I'm there, I may as well be entertained.

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