Monday, April 9, 2007

Life List Day 22 - Go Bowling

I've had a bowling jones for MONTHS now. Today I finally hit the lanes - the Lucky Strike, a new, fancy bowling alley with computerized scoring that actually tells you how fast your ball is traveling (about 8 mph for me, which is so slow, the pins more tip over from pity than get knocked down).

Whatever. First game 140, second game 106. That may be a personal best.

I should be better. Being half-Polish, bowling is in my blood. When I was a girl, we used to skip church and my dad would take my brothers and me to the Elks to bowl. Instead of the 10 Commandments, we learned lessons such as "thou shalt not hold thy cheddar fries with thy bowling hand or thy ball might slip from the grease."

I'm afraid today's stint only fed the jones - I'm dying to go again. Which is a good thing, I think. After all, who doesn't love a sport you can play with a beer in one hand?

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