Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life List Day 20 - I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

I love Cinnabon but never eat them because they're, like, 5,000 calories. I'll sometimes buy one for my son and then mooch a bite - but he never shares the soft, squishy insides. He's only willing to peel off an outer layer which, while tasty, can be a bit dry.

Today I bought a Cinnabon of my very own & ate the whole thing. No apologies, no guilt and - most importantly - no sharing.

It's something I could get used to.


mugglemom said...

those things are DELICIOUS!!!! might have to go get me one! i love your idea of your life list. might have to do that myself. :)

Hal said...

I worked briefly at a mall and would call ahead of time to find out when the buns were fresh from the oven. Then I would choose one from the middle (no dry crusty end pieces) and purchase extra icing that came in a disposable plastic ramekin. A little excessive, yes. But why not do it right. Thank God for a high metabolism.


pcsolotto said...

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