Thursday, April 26, 2007

Life List Day 39 - Live the Life of a Supermodel

Here's something I've never done before: starred in a photo shoot. I did today. Real Simple magazine sent a photographer - AND an assistant and hair & makeup person - to take photos of me for a feature in their July issue.

What I learned:

1. Models wear a TON of makeup. I won't ever again compare my normal face with the ones I see in magazines unless I first apply my makeup with a trowel. (Check out the tricks in this short video from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty).

2. It's hard to smile for a long period of time. I started to get a twitch, along with a new respect for supermodels.

3. There's a lot of garbage under my couch. We had to move it to set up a shot, and I was mortified by the food, wrappers, broken pens, half-empty liquor bottles, etc. under there.

4. I may be a writer and more comfortable behind the scenes, but when I have to, I can WORK IT, baby!

While I'm sure these photos will turn out fine, they'll still never beat my favorite photo of myself: in a kayak in Hawaii, zero makeup, scraggly hair because I'd just been dumped in the ocean...and happy as hell.

What's your favorite pic of yourself?


Mirella Castellano said...

OMG i just watched the short video from Dove! Its amazing what they can do! And there's us feeling like crap for not looking perfect all the time... truth is, no one does!

Thanks for that :)
Great blogs btw, excellent

Jessica Rabbit said...

This article in Real Simple is what inspired me to read your book :)
and subsequently make my own life list.
thank you

pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?