Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Life List Day 38 - Start My Diet...For Real...I Mean It...Honest!

I joke with my son that when he dies, on his tombstone he should have printed, "Later." It seems to be the only thing he knows how to say at times.

Alas, when it comes to starting my diet, I seem to have adopted his favorite word. My intentions are good, but then - oh, I don't know, I have a lunch...or a party...or a hankering for a tuna melt - and I think, I'll start later. Tomorrow. When my life is easy and perfect and I won't be facing any temptation. Ha!

It's not as if I want to lose a lot of weight. I'd be happy with 10 pounds. Thrilled with 15. Able to wear really slutty clothes with 20 - which is why perhaps at my age, I'm better off in the 10 - 15 category.

Anyway, I signed on for online Weight Watchers back in January and dropped a couple pounds, which I promptly regained. I was thinking about "officially" weighing in and starting on Monday - but then I said, nope, TODAY.

So today it is. It's my "thing to do" for the day. Stick to my diet for one day - with the hope that, once I see it's not impossible, it will inspire me to keep it going.

Wish me luck.


Jenae said...

Good Luck... I also committed myself to following the Weight Watcher's program.

That is where I "found" you, through a Myspace Weight Watchers site.

I believe I am going to pick up your book today after work. It seems like a great story.

Mandy Polaski said...

So? How's the diet? If you're anything like've said later....later.....later.....later. :)

Ciao from Rogers City!

pcsolotto said...

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