Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life List Day 28 - Get My Video Groove On

Ever since pumping quarters into the Ms. PacMan game at the 7-11 on campus in the early 1980s, I've had no interest in video games.

Today, for my life list, I decided to give one a try again.

After all, my son lives for video games. Why not see if we could do a little mother/son bonding on his turf for once? (After all, the poor boy went to see a taping of Ellen wtih me - which meant he had to dance with a bunch of old ladies in the audience. It's the least I could do).

I played Guitar Hero, a game where you're part of a band, and your controller is a guitar.

It was pretty fun. I can't see me get addicted like I can to, say, checking my sales rank at amazon. But I could definitely play again. I rocked the house with Nirvana and nearly had a perfect score with Heart's "Crazy On You." But after an hour my hand started cramping up. Who knew it'd be so physically demanding?

A bonus: the next time my son complains his hand hurts when he's writing a paper for school, I'll know he's bluffing. After all the Guitar Hero he plays, he must have philanges of steel.


Jenae said...

I love Guitar Hero... my boyfriend is a viedo game nut and personally I don't like video games because I don't like to "die" in them... but this one is very fun, and I am better at it than the Karaoke games...

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