Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life List Day 137, 138, 139 - New Things Adjusting to Life By the Beach

This life list is a work in progress, and here's what I've discovered: by taking on something big like my #1 goal - live by the beach - it (at least temporarily) overwhelms all the little things I might do for a daily life list. Pretty much everything is about the move. Plus, so many things are different - from the water pressure in my shower to how I load my dishwasher to where I keep my cutlery to the grocery store where I shop - that it almost seems redundant to search for something new. EVERYTHING is new.

Anyway, here are my life list things for the past few days (I've been unable to blog because the move left me briefly without Internet service):

Day 137: Check out my local market (I bought Cheez-Its and a Perrier). The reason this is on my life list is because I've passed this market a hundred times and always thought, "what a cute little beach the places I used to go to on family vacations." Today - the first day I start moving my stuff into my house - it's MY market.

Day 138: Meet my neighbors. I lived in my last building for a year and not only couldn't name my neighbors, I couldn't even identify them in a police lineup. Today, I leaned over my fence & said "hello" to the people on either side.

Day 139: My first morning waking up in my beach house, I have my morning Diet Coke (nasty habit, I know) and walk straight the water & dip my toes in.

Can't wait to see what's up for tomorrow.


kmkat said...

Well done, you! I am looking forward to hearing all about life on the edge... of the continent :)

Mike M said...

What a very cool place to live. I would love to walk on the beach in the early morning.

someGirl said...

oooo how exciting!! I have had 4 major moves, and getting a rhythm set up in a new kitchen is a tough one. It's the place where you are most active and having to start from scratch throws me for a loop.

pcsolotto said...

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