Monday, August 13, 2007

Life List Day 148 - Swing

Sorry, folks, that's not "swinging" as in trading sexual partners (I'd have to HAVE one first to trade) but, rather, swinging as in getting on a swingset & going for it.

I'd been taking my morning walk when I saw empty swings on the beach. On a whim, I detoured over and decided to swing a bit.

I can't think of the last time I sat on a swing and really went for it - legs pumping and trying to get some decent height. I had my iPod on, and I started swinging to Paolo Nutini's "New Shoes," and then just kept going through six more songs. It was weirdly free and fun. I didn't want to stop, and in fact, the only reason I did was that my arms were killing me.

When I got off, I actually felt sort of wobbly.

Who knew swinging was such a workout?


soleil said...

i love swinging! but i hate it when my feet scrape the ground on the way back down ('cause, you know, i'm not a five year old). hooray for you swinging. :)

kmkat said...

My mother used to tell me how, whenever we drove somewhere and happened to pass a park or playground with swings, I would demand that we stop so I could swing. We very seldom did; I suffered a swinging-deprived childhood. Yay for you!

Livingsword said...

I love this article; and I always appreciate the interest and joy you present in so many of the everyday things in our lives.

I used to be a big time swinger, trust me you are better off with the kind of swinging you did on the beach.

Epoch [z] said...

Swinging is always a fun thing to do. Excellent for the Life List.

~Epoch [z]

pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.