Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life List Day 161 - Go Out Into the Rain

I was walking back from the local market this morning when, I swear in a matter of minutes, clouds rolled in and it started to rain. I bolted into my house just in the nick of time...and then I said, what the heck. It hasn't rained here in FOREVER. Why not go check it out?

So I switched from sneakers to flip-flops, threw on a hoodie, and headed out.

Strangely, people were out and about - no umbrellas - happily walking around as if it weren't dropping wet stuff from the skies. It made me feel as if we were all part of a fun surprise.

Plus, I'd forgotten how great rain smells. (I'd have to put it up there with Coppertone suntan lotion, freshly mown grass and Cinnabon as my nose's favorites of all time.)

Anyway, the big storm lasted all of about 20 minutes.

I'm glad I got out in it.

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