Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life List Day 151 - Walk Music-Free

Since the first portable sound device - and I go back to the days of a boom box propped on my shoulder - I NEVER walk by myself if I don't have music to keep me entertained. I've been known to get to the gym, realize I forgot my iPod, and turn around and go home.

Today, I decided to take my walk down the beach and take in not only the sights, but the sounds as well.

The upside: hearing the ocean crash, the "ching ching" of a bike bell, and noticing more details in general because I was actually focused on what I was doing.

The downside: Without a musical beat to put that pep in my step, my pace dragged.


Ellie said...

That sounds wonderful. I love listening to the beach wonders. And you went a step ahead and even heard Good for you. Peace Be With You

Getty72 said...

I so agree with you, the sea sounds simply mesmerising as the waves crash against the beach. I live about 1.5hrs away from our nearest coastline, but often decide rather than taking the 10 minute car journey home, to turn in the opposite direction and take a visit. After a stressful day at work, there is nothing better than sitting on the sand watching the sun set, listening to the sea and taking that magical breath of fresh air.

You are so fortunate to have found such a dream location to live in. I wish you and your son many many many happy moments.

Best wishes ~ Graham

sandra said...

This is called sensuality, cause you're using your senses. Make sense?

pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.