Monday, August 6, 2007

Life List Day 141 - Delegate (Sort Of)

Every time I ask my son to do any sort of chore, he complains so relentlessly that I often just do it myself - it's faster, quieter, and ultimately easier.

Today, I needed to go to my old apartment and do some spackeling and painting. I desperately wanted to just head over there and handle it. I could crank music, drink Diet Coke and have a swell time. I happen to enjoy spackeling and painting.

Instead, I made my son come with me and help. I could hardly hear the radio over his pissing and moaning, but much of what needed painting were areas of wall that he'd 1) bumped, 2) punched, or 3) got so dirty with his hands/feet simple scrubbing wouldn't be enough.

Anyway, this is on my life list because I know I need to do it more often - refusing to be swayed by my son's protests that is.

(And there are variations on this same theme already on the list, but apparently it's a lesson that's going to take me a while to learn!)