Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life List Day 149 - Check Out an Art Gallery

Today, I wandered by an art gallery - Gallery C in Hermosa Beach - and decided to wander in.

Several artists' work was on display, the main exhibition being for an artist named Kirtland Ash. Here are a couple of his paintings:

I stood in front of several for a long time trying to "get it." It's strips of color in oil, basically. (I remember I once took an Artist's Way class with a lovely woman who made her living as a painter of similarly abstract paintings, and she was hurt that people often said about her work, "I could do that.") Anyway, I can't say it held my interest in the same way that, say, those Magic Eye 3D pictures do, but at least I gave it a shot.


Vaedri said...

They look a bit like close-up pictures of skeins of yarn. But maybe that's just me knitting too much. :)

Livingsword said...

They would both make for interesting wallpaper for your blog :)

Faith said...

For being strips of colour on paper (or canvas or whatever), they're pretty. The orange and yellow one would be lovely in my master bathroom.

Epoch [z] said...

I think that the colors represent feeling. Looking at the length of the strokes and the width of the lines could give you some idea as to what the picture is trying to potray... I guess. I'm not so sure.

Personally, I find the 'Magic Eye 3D pictures' much more entertaining.

~Epoch [z]

kmkat said...

Yup, Vaedri's got it. Yarn. Hand-dyed sock yarn.

Of course, she and I are knitters so EVERYTHING reminds us of yarn :)

soleil said...

i can NEVER see the pictures in the magic 3D pictures and it's so frustrating!
i think abstract paintings such as this are supposed to be evocative or representative. the blue one is very peaceful and calming and the orange, red, yellow one is very energizing and pleasing.
i don't always get it either but i love most abstract art.

Livingsword said...

Is your book available in Canada?

AMPlifier said...

I think a lot of times people think, "I can do that" when they see abstract art because they mistake the simplicity of the shapes/patterns in a painting to mean that it was simple to CREATE. In the case of these paintings, though, yes, they are very simple in appearance, but I think I'd have a hard time painting the "color strips" so that they are so balanced and even in width that they create an actual pattern. My strips would likely come out lopsided and inconsistent, and then the whole painting wouldn't have nearly the same effect as these do.


Hi Livingsword,

Yes, it's in Canada in some stores, and on amazon. thanks for asking!

pcsolotto said...

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